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Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd. Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd.
Good health is one of today’s most important challenges. To ensure that for more than 17 years DPL has been committed to improving people’s health and quality of life. We do so by researching and developing plant based medicines and health care products. With the ever-increasing use of herbal medicines, the safety, efficacy and quality of the herbs and herbal medicines have become the major concern.

Research & Development is challenging venture for local and global market and development of novel phyto-medicines eg. homeo, unani and herbal drugs and constantly introduction of new products in market helps the company to survive and build up its image. We believe that quality cannot be tested into products, but should be built in the product by design. Our research and development team continues its strong research orientation in formulation development to transform DPL into a truly prestigious one.

DPL have a separate Galenical laboratory for R & D, equipped with all the necessary machineries and equipment. A highly experienced multidisciplinary team having natural product research specialist, botanist, chemist and microbiologist engaged in exploring the full potential of medical research in treating and preventing disease and in promoting health. They work in congenital environment with zeal, determination and optimism.

The R & D personnel discharge the following functions diligently:

  • Pre-formulation studies to check pharmacological action and uses of ingredients.
  • Trials to assess efficiency and reproducibility of formulation and develop method and manufacturing process.
  • Stability studies both at accelerated conditions and at real time life following ICH guide-line to check physical, chemical, and microbiological aspects of formulation.
  • Determine shelf life of products and to ensure that all batches of the released products are maintaining within specification limits throughout their entire shelf life.
  • Standardize processes for consistency and uniformity in product quality.
  • Technical Transference to production and quality operation division/department.
  • Analytical method validation supported by our Quality Control Department.
  • Improvement of new and existing product for customer satisfaction, environmental change, technology change and other competitors.
  • Formulation development and method development, re-formulation and method up gradation to achieve superior quality at affordable prices by implementing efficient cost-effective measures.
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