Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd.

Vision & Mission

Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd.

Our Vision...

To explore nature for better healthcare to everyone everywhere.


Our Mission...

Deeplaid strives to be leading manufacturer of high-quality natural medicine & nutraceutical products confirming to best production and management practices to achieve customer satisfaction.

Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd.

Our Core Values...

(1) We are Family (2) Ethics (3) Quality (4) Safety (5) Innovation (6) Teamwork (7) Honesty (8) Integrity (9) Accountability (10) Customer Satisfaction (11) Corporate Social Responsibility (12) Respect.

Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd.
53/1, Kaptan Bazar (5th Floor), Wari, Dhaka-1203, Bangladesh.
Phone: 02223380699, 01700712888
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