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Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd. Quality operation is an important, comprehensive and coordinated activities to direct and control with regard to quality. We give it utmost importance toward adherence and support stringent quality policy in order to assure that the products are manufactured in consistence with WHO guidelines, local regulatory requirements, pharmacopoeia, monographs and formularies and guaranteed with respect to their quality, safety, efficacy, consistency, purity and stability.

The Quality Operation consists of mainly Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Excellence in Quality is our main stay and we take considerable focus in adherence to the quality policies following quality planning, quality objectives and quality improvement as outlined in our quality manual.The plant has a fully equipped laboratory testing facilities and has an adequate number of competent and experienced qualified personnel to carry out all sorts of quality operation activities.

Quality Assurance, though an independent function, works as an interface between R & D and manufacturing strictly abiding by the standardized quality system, providing consistency, effectiveness and efficiency for all manufacturing activities across all our manufacturing locations. An excellent professional team having good understanding concepts of quality systems and cGMP is working to ensure quality assurance at each stage right from receiving of starting materials to finished products to assure the highest international standards.

We, at Deeplaid practice the following major functions covered under the umbrella of quality assurance:
  • Assures quality of the products by a thorough check up process at each step of manufacture, right from the procurement of raw materials to the production process, finished goods, packaging, storage, transport and post- delivery customer service.
  • Establish manufacturing methods and SOPs covering entire operations and their regular up-dating.
  • Prepare, edit, issue, update, approve, store and control all GMP relevant documents.
  • Provide product information, check artwork and actively help finalization of packing materials.
  • Perform all type of validation activities such as system validation, facilities validation, machine validation, analytical method validation, cleaning validation and validation of source and review supplier performance through time to time vendor rating.
  • Evaluate and approve all procedures and ensure that all processes consistently follow standard operating procedures.
  • Check dispensing and production areas and monitor environment and manufacturing process through in-process control.
  • Conduct quality audit of all functional area and review product quality periodically or annually Assess personnel performance and competence and conduct adequate training program.
  • Communicate every aspects relating to quality to all relevant persons for early positive action.
Quality control is a critical function and vital to the successful development, manufacturing, and use of drugs meant to help save lives. While quality assurance and quality control are sometimes used interchangeably and though separate, are interdependent upon each other.

Quality assurance involves the development and implementation of a system that provides confidence in a product’s quality and safety. It is achieved through planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system to ensure the requirements for product development are fulfilled. Quality control is the act of controlling the processes associated with the product manufacturing and evaluating product quality at various steps from raw materials to the final packaged product that reaches the consumer.

Considering the different in approach we, at Deeplaid practice the following major functions in our well-equipped laboratories with adherence to Good Laboratories Practices (GLP).
  • Perform sampling of incoming materials following prescribed guideline/s and standard procedure and assess dimension, visual and functional inspection of material sampled.
  • Test all incoming raw and packaging materials as per the approved methods and compare with approved standard specifications and shade cards following standard test procedures.
  • Apply first-article inspection after process set up and perform in-process audits to ensure processes are up to standard and to identify factors needing improvement.
  • Conduct reliability testing and utilize statistical control technique and watch for significant deviations
  • Submit failure analysis reports and alert responsible functionary department.
  • Monitor stringently production line conditions and contact concerned to ensure that each process is carried out in a safe and hygienic environment
  • Test finished products to ensure predefined quality specification and issue release certificates if test results meet the requirements for purity, potency, quality and safety
  • Achieve superior quality at affordable prices by implementing efficient cost effective measures
  • Implement stringent quality procedures at every stages of production, from point of entry of raw materials until the finished products leave the plant
  • Train employees to empower them with knowledge of excellence in quality and desire to achieve zero defects.
  • Focus on review of failures, rejections, market complaints, deviations, non-compliances, and various corrective and preventive actions,
At Deeplaid, all quality operations are carried out the following sectional laboratories
  • 1.   Chemical Analytical Laboratory: Qualitative and quantitative tests and analytical works are done following various chemical methods using organic, inorganic chemicals and reagents
  • 2.   Instrumental Laboratory: Bioactive marker compound assay and other tests are performed using modern equipment such as Spectrophotometer, Thin Layer Chromatograph (TLC) and High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) etc.
  • 3.   Botanical/Taxonomical laboratory: Herbal plant materials, botanicals and other natural raw materials are tested macroscopically and microscopically, taxonomically and compare with standard reference samples and authenticated herbarium sheets
  • 4.   Microbiology laboratory: Detection of pathogens, microbial limit test, total aerobic bacterial and fungal count, microbial assay of herbal materials and finished products and environment monitoring are done in the microbiology laboratory.
  • 5.   Packing Material testing section: This section deals with measurement, grammage, color fastness, locking and other aspects of packing materials, cartons, labels, inserts, shipping box etc.
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