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Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd. Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd.
Deeplaid Laboratories Limited (DPL) is a fast growing quality phyto-pharmaceutical (Homoeo, Unani and Herbal) medicine manufacturer in Bangladesh.

It’s over 600 preparations (Mother tincture, Dilution, Bio-chemic, Trituration Tablet and Homoeo combination) are manufactured on the principals of homoeopathic system of medicine. It also deal with a wide range of Unani and Herbal preparations (Syrup, Tablet, Capsule and Ointment). It has a team of over 400 employees including renowned Hakims, Doctors, Chemist, Pharmacist, Botanist, Micro-biologist, Technicians and other skilled and unskilled personnel.

Deeplaid produce its product to rescue from suffering of human being through blended of science and nature. The manufacturing plant uses automatic, high speed GMP compliance machineries like Auto encapsulation, Tablet compression, Tablet coating, Auto liquid line, Tube filling machine and Blister packing machine. It adopt RO system to generate purified water. The principal of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) are rigorously followed in the plant and the company prides itself on being environment friendly. This enables Deeplaid to produce their product with uniform levels of batch-to-batch consistency. This ensures that the customer gets the same high quality product regardless of where it is purchased.

Design of the room and air-conditioning systems ensure:

  • Prevention of contamination of the product.
  • Protection of the environment.
  • Protection of people.
  • Prevention of the ingress of vermin, insects, birds etc.

At the plant the following activities are carried out

  • Manufacturing – processing and packaging of Homoeo, Unani and Herbal product to supply to the local market. Major part of raw materials are imported form renowned manufacturer and suppliers, approved suppliers supply the rest of substances used in manufacturing. Most of the auxiliaries used for production are bought from approved third parties. All plastic and printed materials are bought from our sister concern: Deeplaid plastic company and Deeplaid printing and packaging.
  • Logistics, Warehousing – Storing of raw and packaging materials to meet the requirements of production and also storing and dispatch of finished products as per concept of Good Storage Practice of pharmaceuticals.
  • Engineering/Industrial Engineering – In line with pharmaceutical production, health safety and environmental protection, infrastructure maintenance, machinery and other maintenance and safe disposal of pharmaceutical waste.
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control – Quality Control of pharmaceuticals, raw and packaging materials, reagents and chemicals, plant and personnel hygiene, method and process validation, and overall quality assurance of pharmaceuticals.
  • Research & Development – Formulation development and adaptation for scale up production with process validation, method validation in collaboration with QA/QC. Stability study and shelf life determination of pharmaceutical products. Reformulation/improvement of existing formulations in line with new/advanced technology.
  • Plant HR/Administration – Support different units of the plant for HR related issues, general services, general logistics and administrative issues.

The following product forms are manufactured on site:

A. Unani Products:

  • Liquid dosage forms (Syrup, Arq and Oil)
  • Semi-solid dosage forms (Ointment and Cream)
  • Solid dosage forms (Tablet, Capsule and Sachet)

B. Homeo Products:

  • Dillution
  • Mother tincture
  • Biochenic
  • Globules
  • Sac Lac

C. Herbal Products:

  • Liquid dosage forms (Syrup)
  • Semi-solid dosage forms (Ointment and Cream)
  • Solid dosage forms (Tablet, Capsule and Sachet)

Water System

  • Raw water is drawn from site bore holes. The water is stored in a Storage tank from where it is pumped through sand and activated carbon filters. Sodium hypochlorite solution is added in the tank and the activated carbon filter for disinfection additionally for flocculation, alum solution is dosed before the water enters the sand filter.
  • The next stage is softening, where the pretreated water passed through a sand filter and anion exchange resin bed and the hardness is reduced to less than 5 ppm. Then the water passes through RO membrane 0.0005 Micron filter.


  • There are written procedures for the maintenance of individual equipment/Systems in SOP form. Preventive maintenance activities are recorded in the task sheets as well in the software. Breakdown Maintenance is recorded on Maintenance request forms. Preventive and breakdown maintenance activities are recorded in the individual engineering history files. All modifications are approved through Engineering Work Request Forms and the change is recorded in history files as well as in updated drawings.
  • Maintenance activities which may affect product quality have been taken into consideration and are included in the preventive maintenance programme.
  • Completed maintenance request forms are sent back to the users when the works are complete. Where maintenance was performed during the production of a product a copy is filed with the batch record complete with a documented check prior to re use of the equipments.

Production and Laboratory Equipments

  • All the Production equipment is made of appropriate materials. The product contact parts are made of either in S.S. 316L or alternative food grade materials such as PVC, EPDM Teflon etc.
  • Certificates provided by suppliers are maintained for product contact parts and form part of the qualification documentation.
  • Equipment is specified designed and procured for easy cleaning.


  • There are standard operating procedures for both equipment and area cleaning.
  • Cleaning agents are rotated for area cleaning.
  • All equipment’s cleaning procedures are validated for each product, using the process train approach. Methods used are swabbing and rinse water analysis.
  • A comprehensive monitoring programme is in place in which all production area are routinely tested for chemical and microbial contamination by Q.C.

Brief description of production operations:

The site is licensed to manufacture Liquid, semisolid and powder preparation. The site is fully equipped to manufacture and pack these products

Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd.
53/1, Kaptan Bazar (5th Floor), Wari, Dhaka-1203, Bangladesh.
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