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Message from Chairman

Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd. Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd.
Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd.Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd. is a rising Alternative (Homeopathic, Unani & Herbal) medicine manufacturer in Bangladesh.The company started its journey with alternative medicine in June, 2000. From the very beginning Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd. is committed to its conscience to serve the nation with quality alternative medicines.

The company has a modern production plant with adequate and sophisticated technology and up to date quality control department.

Quality is the hallmark of Deeplaid. The Quality Control Department is well equipped with latest technology. According to cGMP and WHO guidelines, all research   development and production procedures are cared by Quality Control Department. All the products are manufactured under strict surveillance of the Quality Control Department. The manufacturing processes are authenticated and the final products validated through clinical trials thus ensuring the efficiency and safety of all the products.

We believe that experienced and expert physicians with quality medicines can only ensure better treatment of human life. Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd. has exerted endless efforts for producing quality medicine.

The company always devoted to ensure the production of high quality Homoeo, Unani & Herbal medicines by implementing state of the art. With the co-operation of physician community we have been able to achieve a prestigious position in the field of Homoeo, Unani & Herbal medicine. We are near to expand our business arena internationally. In the meantime we have participated in different national and international seminar and trade fare to exhibit our products in home and abroad.

We deal in a wider range of Homeopathic Products which include Mother Tincture, Potency Medicine (Dilution), Biochemic, Trituration, Homoeo combination and a variety of Unani & Herbal Products with Tablet, Capsule, Ointment, Cream, Sachet etc. We provide the highest customer support and services to our clients and customers all over the Country. We are supplying the best quality medicine with affordable cost. We welcome all to use our medicine to restore and regain healthy life. Wishing everybody a healthy and happy life.

Deeplaid Laboratories Ltd.
53/1, Kaptan Bazar (5th Floor), Wari, Dhaka-1203, Bangladesh.
Phone: 02223380699, 01700712888
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